Axle whitehead and samara weaving dating

A few have even made it over the line from soapie storyline to the altar to become the true success stories of Summer Bay.

Here are a few of the behind-the-scenes romances: This crazily photogenic pair were a thing both on-screen and off with their characters Sasha and Matt’s romance spilling over into real-life.

Actulmente asiste a Canberra Girls' Grammar School (CGGS).

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While she was rumoured to star in the new Pirates Of The Carribean flick alongside Hollywood fave Johnny Depp, her most recent confirmed gig is playing the lead female role in Australian horror Before Dawn.

Es sobrina del famoso actor Hugo Weaving y de Anna-Jane Weaving, quien tuvo una corta carrera como cantante en París a mediados de la década de los 80.

Samara, who is the niece of The Matrix star Hugo Weaving, has been highly touted by both Axle and series producer Cameron Walsh as set to follow previous Home and Away stars’ transition to Hollywood, such as Chris Hemsworth, Isla Fisher and the late Heath Ledger.

Axle has previously had a relationship with a co-star Lisa Gormley in 2010.

En el 2009 apareció como invitada en la exitosa serie australiana Home and Away donde interpretó a Indigo Walker, hasta inicios del 2010 luego de que su familia decidiera irse de la bahía; el 22 de junio de 2010 Samara regresó a la serie y se unió al elenco principal, A finales de octubre del 2016 se anunció que Samara se había unido al elenco de la nueva serie Smilf donde dará vida a Nelson Rose, una joven recien graduada de la universidad con una prometedora carrera como comentarista deportiva.

Axle creció en la granja de su familia en Victoria, Australia.Su padre es un agricultor y su madre siempre lo llevaba junto a sus dos hermanos mayores a todo tipo de espectáculos musicales en vivo.Se mudó a Melbourne para asistir a la prestigiosa VCA (Victorian College of the Arts) y estudiar música.While Indi and Romeo are currently separated on UK screens, they have already reunited in recent episodes airing in Australia - having realised that they are meant to be together following a difficult year.Weaving told TV Week of the storyline: "Indi and Romeo are still finding their feet since they got back together, but they don't have any doubts that they really want (more) » - By Daniel Kilkelly Home and Away star Luke Mitchell has warned that Romeo Smith and Indigo Walker's upcoming reunion won't be easy.X Factor host Luke Jacobz fuelled speculation by tweeting: "Hearing Rumours that @Johnny Ruffo is with @Sweaving - fact or fiction?

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