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(NBC) With Donald Trump heading to the White House, California's former Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is now running the show. His new catchphrase—"You're Terminated"—still keeps with the ethos of the show.

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Just when we thought we were caught up on all the series we must watch to stay socially relevant, the network gods have unleashed a whole mass of new and returning series to occupy our winter TV schedule.

Among them are new series based on known properties like CBS' actor Luke Roberts plays a crisis negotiator who heads a team of ace investigators who solve kidnap and ransom cases.

They remained on the scene early Thursday putting out hot spots.

According to AEP, the fire knocked out power to more than 650 homes.

In this guide I will tell you how to unblock and watch Fox8 outside Australia by using a VPN.

Fox8 has stood on top of the line in Australia due to Superior-Quality Media and Exceptional-Service performance.

Returning for its Seasonb 3 midseason premiere is , everyone's favourite banana-pants comic book show. Lucifer will continue battling with his mum, presumably. We actually ended the first half of the season with the big crossover event, but when returns, we expect to deal with the escaped Henshaw and the mysterious aliens searching for Mon-El. Jay Garrick told Barry that the future "isn't fixed," so we bet Barry's going to meddle in time in a less disastrous way than last time. It's a bunch of people wandering around time — have fun with it! We left the team devastated after Prometheus tricked Ollie into killing Billy, Curtis' husband leaving him, Diggle captured, and Laurel Lance somehow back from the dead. Presumably the mid-season premiere will pick up right where it left off — and there's still plenty of episodes for the season to redeem itself.

We last saw Barry dealing with accidentally seeing Savitar kill Iris five months in the future. After spending a lot of season one writing it off, we're a little in love with how much of this season the show has just embraced the ridiculousness of its premise. The first half of this season of was frustrating to say the least, but at least it ended with Rick and the other colonies on the road to fighting Negan and the Saviors.

We hope you got some rest over the holidays, because you're going to need it. When we last left them, Barbara had allied with Nygma to overthrow Oswald Cobblepot, Gordon killed Mario to save Leslie Thompkins, and Selina's mum helped her, Alfred, and Bruce escape after they killed Talon. Premieres: January 23, pm, on Cartoon Network in the US. The penultimate season of will air from January 30 to February 2 and tell the story of Jake, Finn, BMO, and Susan Strong travelling the ocean to solve a mystery of Finn's past. Savitar also predicted that one member of Team Flash would fall, one would be a traitor, and one would suffer the classic "fate worse than death." So nothing but joy and light. This crew now has to find Rip Hunter, who is now a movie director in Los Angeles.

As is now the standard, this year brings with it a plethora of science fiction/ fantasy/superhero/monster/comic book/spin-off/remake/etc. And later, Fetch subscribers plus i Tunes and Google Play. This will lead to them crossing paths with George Lucas because why not.

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