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Candles and a CD player are available to set the mood.They might be the setting for any of a number of assignations, some more provocative than others.Married women carrying a healthy fetus are not legally entitled to have an abortion in Israel.

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The salon will take place at the home of Robin Fleischner, adoption and assisted reproduction attorney (address upon registration).

For registration About Lada’at: Lada’at – Choose Well, founded in 1976 under the name Shilo, is the leading organization for the promotion of sexual health and reproductive rights in Israel.

According to Palestinian Authority TV host Imad Hamato, Israel is waging war against the Muslim world via "sex mania." In a broadcast translated by the Palestinian Media Watch, Hamato, who was appointed by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas as dean of Gaza's Al-Azhar institutes in October 2016, can be seen denouncing Israel's threats to Muslim modesty protocols.

"Our conflict today between us and Israel is the conflict between spirit and body," Hamato says with a green screen of Temple Mount behind him.

What are the current challenges facing women who wish to terminate a pregnancy, and what reforms are taking place on this issue?

Join Alexandra Berger-Polsky, Director of Lada’at – Choose Well, Jerusalem’s organization for the promotion of healthy sexuality and reproductive rights, as she presents the intriguing history, background and current situation of the fields of reproductive rights and sex ed in Israel.

Their problems include physical disabilities, like paralysis or brain trauma, and mental disorders like autism or schizophrenia.

About half have sexual disorders, such as vaginal spasms or erectile dysfunction.

Monday, November 28 | PM | Location upon registration How does Jewish law impact reproductive rights in the Jewish state?

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