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Call them what you willl – transexual, transgender, ladyboy, katoey – their place in Thai culture goes back thousands of years, but despite the history, and despite Thailand being very accepting of them, it’s not always an easy life. Prem, a transgender lady who was born a man but now lives as a woman.We have a fascinating chat with Prem about her life and the difficulties she faces everyday, not least of which is the perception that all transgenders are only capable of prostitution, beauty pagents, or hair salons.

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Haydn and Mahler’s 4th Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra presents Joseph Haydn’s Cello Concerto in C major, performed by cellist Tapalin Charoensook and Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No 4 in G major, featuring soprano soloist, Colleen Jennings. Mahidol University Music Auditorium Putting thoughts on H2O An exhibition explaining the story of drinking water, from the traditional Thai way of collecting rain water in large earthenware pots to the billion dollar industry that is bottled water today. TCDC, 6F, Emporium Shopping Mall Hard Rock Café Just when The Hard Rock was about to go soft, on Jun 8, they sharpened their image with a complete revamp.

The rock pub feel is now a little more edgy-chic (picture Axl Rose in a tux to get the analogy).

Prem – who has a very good job with a high-level international agency – has fought against this stereotype and has seen progress, although it’s slow going.

She also talks openly about how she grew up knowing she was different than other boys, how the media’s perception of what is beautiful creates stereotypes, what it’s like dating men who may or may not know her past, her experience fighting a military draft that labels all transgenders as mentally unstable, and what she thinks about *that scene* in the Hangover 2.

Thailand’s ladyboys are undoubtedly amongst the most beautiful on the planet and Thais probably use Instagram more than any other nationality.

So it’s only natural that the two phenomena would combine forces into a dazzling symphony of filtered photos and tranny beauty.

“In some regions, violations of human rights still occur because military officers do not understand .

For example, officers mocked and embarrassed them, asked to see their breasts or if they have had a sex change operation,” Ronnabhumi Sammakkarom, president of TGA, told Coconuts.

TGA also launched a manual and video guidelines for transgender teens on how to prepare for conscription day and immediately report if someone asks them to “distribute drinking water, massage or dance for entertainment.” “We want our to be ready and learn to protect their own rights,” Ronnabhumi said.

[Click to enlarge the image] Thai men are required to participate in conscription when they turn 21 years old.

There are an estimated 10,000 to 100,000 trans people in Thailand, with more sex reassignment surgeries taking place in the country than anywhere in the world.

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