Listening and validating feelings

Empathy and trust are a platform for effective understanding, communication and relationships.Empathy and trust are essential to develop solutions, win and retain business, and avoiding or diffusing conflict.The relationship will be better because with more validation you are going to have less debating, less conflicts, and less disagreement. When a person is feeling down, these bonds are sometimes all that another person needs to begin to feel better and solve their own problems.

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After weeks of protest activity, the parties agreed to mediation.

In the end, the public officials prevailed and the aggrieved community got little relief.

The 'steps of the sale', persuasion, closing techniques, features and benefits do not build rapport or relationships - empathy, trust, understanding and sympathetic communications do.

One-sided persuasion is not sustainable and is often insulting, especially when handling complaints.

Empathy and trust are essential for handling complaints and retaining customers.

These days we need to be more effective communicators to be successful in business - and in life.

We help them feel heard, acknowledged, understood and accepted. It was obvious by his face that he was scared and I wanted to share, understand, and validate his feeling.

Sometimes validation entails listening, sometimes it is a nod or a sign of agreement or understanding, sometimes it can be a hug or a gentle touch. But after I asked if he were a little bit scared and before he had a chance to answere the other social worker interupted us and in a scolding tone of voice told him there was nothing to be afraid of! When someone is experiencing a strong feeling, sometimes we "try to help" by telling her or him "it's not so bad." This attempt to minimize the negative experience -- to save someone from the struggle, actually undermines the effort to help.

Consequently, in addition to really listening to students, we must also Although some people recommend giving feedback with a statement rather than a question, the objective remains the same--to clarify either the factual and/or emotional content of the message.

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