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You’re ready to take that online profile down – you’re ready for a relationship! You can’t make decisions for yourself and expect people to just follow suit.Dating is as much about communicating well with each other as it is about everything else – attraction and chemistry included.Prompted by this thread, though I've been pondering starting a thread on this for a while. (I'm specifically excluding relationships that are acknowledged by both parties to be non-exclusive) I waited a really long time, but I think that's just because I'm a space cadet.

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I asked if he would remove his profile since things were going well and he choose not to as he recently (6 mo ago) became single and was not wanting to jump into anything. Perhaps you're putting more effort into this relationship than he wants to. It wouldn't have to do with dating anyone, being involved or even getting married.

He's fairly fresh out of a previous relationship and doesn't want to become exclusive with YOU. I would change my status when I decided that I didn't want to meet anyone else new. I wouldn't even mention it to the other person, unless it came up in conversation.

I was just getting a weekly email from them suggesting new people, and I'd just sort of delete them automatically without any further thought. (We had discussed while I was negotiating this time around how lovely it would be to take our profiles down, and stop this time-consuming, tedious, painful dating process) Instead she suggested we go into the bedroom, and I thought "Who can turn down that invitation? For the next few days, I tried hinting gently that she had yet to fulfill her end of the deal, but gently didn't accomplish anything, and I thought (since she had emailed me that she was committing for the long haul, and that she intended to yank her profiles down) that she'll get around to it in her sweet time, but of course, she pulled the proverbial plug before she got around to it. I'm married now but I don't think I ever took my stuff down, I just stopped logging in to the site.

However, last week, someone sent me an "Icebreaker," which struck me as odd. I already felt completely secure in my current relationship, but I guess this was just one more visible sign of it. It was purely symbolic of course (it took me all of fifteen minutes to re-install my profiles on the websites) but I should have taken that moment to say "Ho-hohohohold on here--let's be clear? Cuz if not, we have nothing further to discuss." I'm coming up on my first wedding anniversary, and I haven't bothered, mostly because I don't even know where the hell my login info is anymore because I haven't used it in, oh, 4 years. I'm coming up on my first wedding anniversary, and I haven't bothered, mostly because I don't even know where the hell my login info is anymore because I haven't used it in, oh, 4 years. I did the same thing with and other job searching sites too, actually. I did change it to "in a relationship" quite a while ago and changed my profile to reflect that, but never got around to deleting it completely.

It's particularly confusing to me, because last week he had taken down his profile, and now he is very active again. Donna Dear Donna, When he logs into it could mean that he’s still exploring his options, which is healthy. I am not sure why he took down his profile last week.

Dear Sandy, I am going on a third date with a man I met on I login through an empty profile to check, but it sort of tells me he is not really that interested, right? How can you tell tell if he’s just not that into you? That's when you have the talk about taking profiles down.

So, before you take down that online profile, I ask you to wait.

Instead of jumping into a relationship with both feet, even when you’re really tempted, try dipping your toes in first. Which is why it’s important to keep your dating profile active, and keep communicating with and dating people on the site.

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We talked daily and seen each other 2-3 times a week. You're being rather presumptuous asking him to remove his profile after only one month. If he doesn't want to remove his profile, he won't. First off, since I'm a forum regular, I don't take my profile down and won't until and unless there is a reason to.

When you're in the initial courting phase of a relationship, why should either of you stop dating online?

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