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And if you’re not “officially” single, don’t worry.

The girls at the Café will make you feel like you are.

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You’ll find the warmest, most genuine girls right on your phone—at the Telecafe. Since girls always chat for free, the Café attracts all the hottest young women in town.

It’s the most fun, easiest to use, and safest way to meet Australia’s hottest girls and guys. And since the guys always find that special girl for hot, steamy conversations, they say the Telecafe is the very best of the phone chat lines for singles.

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Whether you’re in the mood for some steamy conversation with the hottest girls in town, a little harmless flirting, or a phone sex experience you’ll never forget, all you need to do is call The Telecafe.

Don’t waste your time online talking with girls who aren’t really interested in you at all.

NEXT WEDNESDAY ON THE FREE DOPE SHOW We have been pretty spoilt with talent on the show lately and have heard some pretty impressive guest mixes – and next Wednesday will be no exception. Tripswitch launches his new onedotsixtwo label with a musically diverse mix comp in two parts featuring 23 exclusive tracks…

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