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Today, Meri Brown from "Sister Wives" opened up about an online incident she experienced this year.

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I feared my childbearing days were over, but I finally got pregnant again.

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Most men don't enter this lifestyle so they can have more sex; rather, they have a sincere sense of a higher purpose.

I'd rather share Joe than have a hundred men of lesser quality to myself. He is faithful to me, and faithful to the people I expect him to be faithful to.

With television shows such as HBO’s “Big Love” and TLC’s “Sister Wives,” polygamy is the once-taboo lifestyle that appears to be gaining wider acceptance – especially on the heels of homosexual marriage victories across the nation. However, recent decisions of activist judges that thrust homosexual marriage on the American public are now being used, chapter and verse, to argue for legalization of polygamy.

While spouse collecting is still illegal in the United States, polygamy is apparently thriving – and not where most Americans might expect.

(via Hollywood Life), Meri is dating a man who lives in Hawaii, and she's gone most of the time to spend time with him, and she may alreadyb have one foot completely out the door. If the report is true, it isn't the first time that Meri would have tried stepping out on Kody and tried leaving the family.

Meri has wanted to leave for the past year and a half. The news comes not long after reports that three of Kody's four wives were ready to leave him because they were livid that he was considering courting a fifth, and potentially even a sixth wife, in the interest of saving their show, and the new report claims that Meri's new romance is her way of making it possible to do just that.

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