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That first work “A Book About Some Bad Kids” sold out – there was only one copy.

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So for Number 3 he chooses Lori Johnson, the first candidate who seems immune to his brand of charm.

Lori's never wasted her time with amoebas like Reid Buchanan.

They went inside and the other kids started to “ransack” Bloom’s home, according to Neiers.

Susan Wiggs became a self-published author at the age of 8.

Wine is the alpha of this show, and someday, when it ends, the last shot should be Olivia in the most resplendent wine cardigan of her life, picking up a giant goblet full of elixir and taking a rich sip. “So I say there’s hope and that means you call me every night? Quinn gasps, because she realizes that yet again she has no real story of her own, and Olivia has about twelve.

All the same houses are on the same sides of the street, the same ugly metal fence is right there on the corner, and there’s still that same dude who knocks on your door at 2 a.m. Did you ever think to yourself, “Gee, I hope they’ll throw in a cursory scene about one of those old Case of the Week mysteries? Quinn gives us a LENGTHY recap: Sonya Walger’s stepdaughter Caitlin was murdered after overhearing her father having an illicit conversation at his office, and stealing a folder full of Olivia Pope pictures as proof of something. “You can’t stop what’s coming,” he says, because he was basically just waiting for a warm body to show up so he could be all dramatic about pulling out this gun and blowing his throat all over the wall.

Cyrus laughs really hard when he sees this — like, cackles himself breathless. And didn’t believe it needed to be there, and didn’t think Cyrus would walk into a room and shriek, “DID A UNITED STATES SENATOR JUST… AHAHAHAHAHAHA,” and so he just could NOT do anything but overplay it. Fitz thoughtfully uses Abby’s actual NAME when introducing her to Senator Putney, and seems startled to learn that Chip is her husband. She is dialing David Rosen over and over and over again and barking things into his voicemail about Jake Ballard, while Huck and Quinn deliver lengthy exposition for us reminding us YET AGAIN about the Folder of Pope and the fact that they haven’t told Liv about it yet because they need to string this out deeper into the episode so that it feels less perfunctory. Although it might be a lie that she has personality for days.

Darby Stanchfield is very affecting in this episode, particularly in this scene. It’s a test: If this information makes its way into the press, specifically out of the mouth of Portia de Rossi, then Cyrus will know that his concubine is spying through his hair curtain. I could never protect him from you, Miss Pope.” And THEN he goes back to, “You ARE beautiful. And you know they all love you — my president, Jake, Command, and I can see why,” and he REPEATS that her face launched a thousand ships and says she’s the same as Helen of Troy because their fathers were both gods. I get it; it’s the first time he’s stared right at her, but just for once it might be nice to pretend any of these people love her for her mind. I actually don’t know that she does have much of one.

Alexis Neiers told cops that she and Nick Prugo had been drinking at Beso, a trendy bar-restaurant on Hollywood Boulevard, when Prugo got a call from Rachel Lee telling him to come and meet her. Neiers said she knew that Prugo and Lee—both 19 and former classmates at Indian Hills, an alternative high school in Agoura Hills, an affluent suburb of Los Angeles—had been burglarizing the homes of celebrities. Later, she said, she would find out that it was the home of star Orlando Bloom.

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