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Tara Reid's figure became the subject of ridicule earlier this month when her American Pie co-star Jason Biggs insulted her by saying 'no one knows what's going on with Tara's body' during an appearance on Joan Rivers' web series In Bed With Joan.

The Orange Is The New Black star, 36, then took to Twitter to apologise and in a long tirade lambasting the hypocrisy of tabloid media, he wrote: 'of my comment made on a COMEDY show about how no one knows what's going on with her body.

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@Tara Reid - I am sorry if that hurt you.'But it seems his remarks made in jest have hit a raw note with Tara, 38, who revealed her less than lukewarm feelings towards the self styled comedian during a live chat with Kiis FM radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O on Friday.

'I don't think he felt horrible about it': Tara Reid was live on the Kyle and Jackie O show on Friday when she spoke out about Jason Biggs taking aim at her figure during an appearance on Joan River's In Bed With Joan 'I didn't know there was issues': The 38-year-old (R) said she was surprised by Biggs (L) comments and despite him apologising later on Twitter she still seemed offended by his negative references to her body Dissed: The Orange Is The New Black star previously called Tara a 'hot mess' he has since apologised for his comments on Twitter, when he said they were meant in a comedic way.

And so he would be seen again in another short lived television series, 1997's Camp Stories.

He then starred in American Pie, which went on to become an international hit that has spawned three sequels (also starring Biggs) and four spinoffs (that did not star Biggs).

It took all of ten minutes before we were back to our old ways.

We have a shorthand and a comfort level with each other that we can go that long without seeing each other and it doesn't matter.On the show to promote her new swimwear range, the multitasking star said she's also working on a new fragrance and is set to return to Australia in January when she'll be promoting her upcoming slasher film from the Outback, Charlie's Farm.[on American Pie 4 (2012)] A lot of us had nervous butterflies because it had been a long time since we had seen each other.The celebrity duo don't have high hopes for Jordan and Jo Jo's future—but what about their own marriage? They have a reversal of the traditional gender stereotypes in their relationship.He does all the cleaning and laundry and Jenny doesn't even have a clue how to turn on the washing machine. They'd had dinner and hit it off to such an extent that "two hours in we were comparing Zoloft prescriptions".") She also has about 104,000 followers on Instagram, though she says the number was once higher. I started with Twitter, and it’s always been good to me. Now I feel like you can tell full stories on Instagram. Once you’ve been given free rein, it’s hard to go back. If something’s really out there, I’ll run it by Jason, but sometimes he’s not around, so I’ll post it and then hear about it later.

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